Interiors & Materials


Fits it’s purpose with clear view from the entrance and well calculated natural light to give the sense of friendly living space.


Well thought window openings to provide a direct appropriate natural light for the daily activities and as well as to give a direct link with the balconies.


Fits it’s purpose with direct access from the entrance and advanced well with the highest standard quality equipment.


All material selections are in consideration to it’s functionality, it’s psychological impact, esthetics and it’s durability giving a friendly environment within the space.


All Kitchen set are imported from Italy with advanced equipment as well with the highest standard quality with well thought functionality ,installation and integration with building duct systems.



VASISTAS Window Types. They have the advantage of flexible use for room ventilation with two type of opening methods on a single window.


All doors installation are according to the following specification:

  • Resistant to wind Load
  • With permeable layer to prevent damage from water.
  • Sound proof
  • Heat resistance.
  • Kitchen, bathroom equipment

    Kitchen and bathroom fixtures are all equipped with fixtures easy to practice the future activities of the dwellers.

    Door & Floor Finish Installation

    All doors imported from Italy with better quality in terms of durability and selection of material. To fix all imported Doors there has been a early construction of door casing With timber for accurate installation. Fig. 1-d Selection of floor finish material defining the spaces as well as meeting with the purpose of the relative space functions.